Gregory Roman has been a Real Estate Licensee since 1961. He was originally recruited as a loan originator with Community Mortgage, a private money mortgage company located in Beverly Hills. Within 3-months he replaced the CEO and ran that company successfully for a period of time. He eventually opened a Real Estate Brokerage in Century City with 25-licensees specializing in residential income properties.

He subsequently sold the Brokerage and returned to his first priority of Private Money Real Estate Financing in which he is actively engaged. He was named, for several years, in the National Publication of Who’s Who in Creative Real Estate. He has taught many licensees the creative fundamentals of Real Estate. He is a problem-solver who has been retained by many licensees, over the years, with difficult problems in their real estate practice.

There are 100’s of Real Estate formulas that Greg will use to solve each individual problem. He could teach a Master Class on the subject. His philosophy is to listen. He calls it, “The Roar of Silence”. Every day presents new challenges that need solutions. He will tell you immediately what your options are.

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