How It Works
How It Works

We are Private Money Broker/Lenders, We are not Institutional Lenders.

With institutional lending (i.e. borrowing from a bank), the loan is based on the person borrowing the money. If you have gone this route before, you no doubt had to furnish financial statements, bank history; you probably went through a credit check, etc. This is because you are personally securing this loan, should you default on it. We're not concerned about your financial history! Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, etc.
With Private Money Broker Lenders like us, it is all about your Equity. We are interested in the investment. This loan will be secured by the property, not you personally.

Here is a list of things we want to know:

  • Address of the property
  • Current value of the property
  • Amount of your existing debt
  • What is your exit strategy?

Things you should know:

  • You must have some equity of your own in this deal. We typically like to lend up to 60% Loan to Value.
  • We can close quickly – Usually about 7 business days.
  • We will usually not require an appraisal or credit report.
  • Must be a Business Purpose Loan.

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